Location sound request received

In June of 2022, I received a call request for a location sound recordist in Charleston, SC.  The project was a one-day shoot with ESPN capturing audio at an athletic field day for young ladies.  Not many other details were given.  Small crew: one DP, one Producer/Director, and myself.  It turned out to be a last minute add-day getting some final footage. The overall production had been in development for some time.  I like these types of calls because it’s not too long before I get to see the final product.  Sometimes you can spend a year or more anticipating an upcoming release.

The project ended up being in the nearby town of Mt Pleasant, and it wasn’t just a small number of young ladies.  It was a whole lot of them, more than I’d seen together in one place for a long while.  Picture a semi-wild throng of very young warrior women at the initial stages of their development and curiosity.  During the course of the day, they all tried a wide range of athletic endeavors to see what they enjoyed most.  On their faces, you could see the palpable joy and confidence that participation brought.  I sensed a real benefit to the peer connections that are made in this type of environment.

Project Premieres on the ACC Network

The finished piece first premiered on the ACC Network June 23rd, 2022 along with two other original programs celebrating women’s sports.

ESPN Press Release – June 1, 2022

I can remember the days when I believed I was better than most women at just about anything athletic in nature.  With certainty, I say now I was mistaken.  Making a small but meaningful contribution to other people’s conceptions brings me a fair amount of satisfaction.  Doing this work, you also never know who you might meet or who’s life you will get a brief peak into.  I gain exposure to many social issues and causes that I would otherwise be unaware of.

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If you are looking for a location sound recordist in Charleston or other places in the regional southeast, please feel free to reach out.

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