Nike recently chose SC State alumni Darius Leonard for their series ‘Stronger Than One.’  I am fortunate to have been called in for the supportive role of capturing location sound during Homecoming Day of 2021.  The film crew captured portions of the Homecoming football game.  Additionally, the team also spotlighted the drum line and social environment of the university.

Recording the performances of so many talented individuals was quite an honor.  Schoeps microphones can have an advantage in this type of environment.  For example, they are among the best at delivering a natural tonal quality even with off-axis sound.

As a location sound recordist, it is useful to have a variety of microphones available.  Some manufacturer products can have greater reliability than others in extreme humidity.  That is to say, each model has it’s own pros and cons.  Both microphones below are an integral part of my kit, but I also keep a number of Sennheiser microphones available should the need arise.

Schoeps CMIT 5

Schoeps CMC641


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